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Safe Practices & Quality Services

At Automated Production, we consider proactive communication essential to maintaining an incident-free workplace.

Monthly, company-wide safety meetings — plus weekly departmental meetings — give employees a platform to voice their opinions on developing issues that could directly impact workplace safety standards. Heavily involved in the process is company management, who, utilizing this input, enact necessary protocols that ensure optimal performance.

Each of our service professionals has undergone intensive training required for their field of expertise, while the whole of our company exceeds Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Employees attend regular meetings along with other specialized training programs specific to our industry. The goal is to instill a sense of confidence throughout our staff and add assurance to our clients that projects are completed in a safe, productive environment.

Consistent internal operating procedures — developed by Automated Production — provide for streamlined contract review, billing and delivery processes. We ensure complete identification and traceability of all products, assuring clients that their projects adhere to even the most rigorous of specifications. Additionally, we’ve developed a complete customer satisfaction monitoring system that, utilizing client feedback, assures the continuous improvement of our systems.

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