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Automated Production offers a wide range of fabrication & design services in the Lafayette, LA area. Automated Production handles DNV fabrication, DNV engineering, oilfield engineering, oilfield fabrication, oilfield containers, offshore containers, oilfield skids, turnkey package, loyds fabrication, abs fabrication, certified shipping skid, fabricateDNV shipping skid,DNV certified fabrication, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-3, DNV 2.22, design and fabrication of offshore skids, DNV certified lifting appliances, DNV frames, custom fabrication, general fabrication, lift frames, work platforms, tool tracks, tool stands, coiled tubing work over equipment, snubbing platform, snubbing equipment, cones – roll capabilities, offshore fabrication, offshore skids, DNV skids, test cells, plate cutting, plasma cutting, profile cutting, press breaking, plate rolling, stainless cutting, stainless steel cutting, steel cutting, rolled plate, umbilical reel frames, offshore baskets, DNV certified equipment, plate forming, and crash frames.

Automated Production provides services in & around Lafayette, LA & South Louisiana. We are a quality, safety program that is ISO Compliant. Automated Production is certified to Shell, BP, BHP & DNV Specifications.

We are poised to deliver a wide range of projects, spanning all sizes and industries — whether we’re filling a single part order or fabricating hundreds of parts.

Automated Production offers a wide range of in-house services, eliminating the need for outsourcing, which cuts time, therefore cutting cost.
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